The Chronicles of Nik

Past, Present and Future Nik

As you might have guessed from the title, I consider there to be three versions of Nik: past, present and future. And when I make decisions I take these three versions of myself into consideration. Allow me to explain.

Present Nik

Present Nik

When present Nik does something that future Nik will appreciate, such as shopping for groceries or doing laundry, then I know future Nik – who will become present Nik – will thank past Nik who is right now present Nik.

However, despite the gratitude future Nik may show present and past Nik, more often than not it is the laziness of past and present Nik that annoys future Nik. Past Nik has royally screwed over future Nik by delaying or foregoing on car tune-ups, laundry, shopping, sleep, bills, cleaning, bike repair, alarm setting and so forth. Past Nik does very little to assist future Nik. Future Nik is often frustrated by this.

Future Nik

Things are looking up for future Nik!

Present Nik has recently come to a realization, considering different temporal versions of myself is not entirely normal. Past Niks have been practicing this reasoning methodology for some time, but have never considered that future Niks might stray from the course thus banishing past Nik into the…past. A scary thought for past Nik.

The real question then is where does this leave present Nik? Present Nik is left in the present for the time being, but should present Nik and future Nik continue with this practice? Present Nik thinks yes and tends to think that future Nik will agree. If at all possible, past Nik would be very happy to read this.

Past Nik

I like to think past past Niks had long hair.

Here are present Nik’s three reasons why he will maintain the three versions of the self:

1. It allows me to blame someone other than present Nik for past mistakes.
2. Past Nik likes taking the credit for future Nik’s successes, as rare as they are.
3. I get to say great things like, “Future Nik will not be pleased about this…”, or “I blame past Nik for this” and then I get to enjoy the confusion of those around me.

Present Nik is done with this blog, and he is also very happy with the infographic he has delicately crafted. I forgot to mention that I, present Nik, have decided to populate this blog with poorly drawn artwork rather than poorly taken pictures.

Present Nik hopes future Nik will make the time to post this though… (Future Nik did)

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7 Responses to “Past, Present and Future Nik”

  1. Hey Nik – I thought this post was hilarious – and yep, it’s great having a different version of yourself to blame present mistakes for. I do this myself incessantly!

  2. Nikki G says:

    Bahahahaha! This is hilarious. Seriously. I need to start blaming “past Nikki” for things..

  3. Deaner says:

    It’s been a while since I read your blog… Very glad I did,

  4. kierston Drier says:

    Very funny. Although I feel like reading your posts is like spying/creeping on you. Ps. I like Cave Nik. Good call.

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