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New Year’s Fears

I hate New Year’s Eve. There is no need to prattle off the lengthy list of reasons why I and so many like me dislike the day. Those eves in the past blur into a string of disappointments and generally forgettable revelry. What has not been forgettable is my year. It has been what Bill and Ted would describe as righteous. And it has almost exclusively been a direct result of climbing.

 Most of my writing on this platform has been spared from the influence that is climbing. This has been intentional and with regards to this goal I do believe I have been successful. This is done almost entirely at the request of others. When the subject should arise, climbing that is, people ask politely if it could settle as quickly as is possible given the constraints of the english language.

But then I realized, “Hey, this is my gosh dang blog and I will write and draw terrible cartoons about whatever I so please!” Ok, I didn’t say that. For starters, I’m not a cast member of Leave it to Beaver. Secondly, I’m alone. This would mean I’m talking to myself again. Drawing and writing – poorly at that – alone on the eve of the new year is pathetic enough for my palette.

Without getting into too much detail, I had a rockin’ year in terms of climbing – that pun is equal parts intentional and terrible. I managed to climb and not get hurt in Quebec, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Ontario. Yes I was afraid for much of the year, and you know what… I hope I stay scared all next year too, because holy shit is it fun.

 There is a problem though. As I mentioned, people don’t like hearing about my climbing epics. People also do not seem entirely fond of reading my words either, whether they make reference to climbing or not. What do people like? Looking at drawings that they would swear were stolen from a kindergarten class but were in fact drawn by a fully grown male who has been deemed in the eyes of the law legally capable of voting and driving. That artist is me.

Unfortunately, as much as I did improve at climbing over the course of this calendar year, my artistic talents did stagnate, fester and possibly degrade.

Without further ado, I present to you my…


Climbing in Ontario

Climbing in Quebec

Climbing in the Adirondacks

Climbing in West Virginia

Climbing in New Hampshire
To those who climb with me, thanks for sharing the fears… and never discussing the tears.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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2 Responses to “New Year’s Fears”

  1. Ross McKie says:

    You have a perverse and unfortunate sense of productivity with regards your writing. All the Mayfield S.S. and Caledon WASPy sensibility does not apply, my friend. You need to leave it out of your creative lexicon. It is brutal to the creative process. Some of the good English-Canadian maxims of your peers and educators include: 1.What are you doing? 2. But what about working? 3. No excuses! Get to work! 4. Work brings freedom because of the paycheque. 5. If you complain, you are less and lost. 6. Work! 7. Alcohol is the best way to celebrate what? Work!

    Okay, enough. The Writing life is not work, It is a vocation. The act of writing is a type of work, but the vocation knows not the simple, restricting values of a traditional upbringing.

    You are writing when you are not writing and, more so, when you actually are holding the pen to take account, as you have done here again lately. Nightshift is writing. Rock-climbing is writing. Listening to the fears of others about your choice to live with an impossible vocation is writing.

    Be well, Nik.

    • Nik says:

      Wow, thanks Ross. I don’t work nights anymore thankfully. If you want to grab a beer and pontificate on the finer things in this world drop me a line. Always available.

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